Deleted Scene from His Name is Cwiz – the Feud with Anchorwoman Jane Valez Mitchell

[from my book His Name is Cwiz – here is a deleted scene/chapter] The Feud with Anchorwoman Jane Valez Mitchell When Cwiz was inbetween jobs after returning from his travels overseas, he would come home with nothing to do.  The rest of us were in school, or working regular full-time jobs, and he was supremely …

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Seabound Solitude

Shayla Tonge is a film student who made the coolest, most beautiful documentary about the peace and joy of standup paddling, and in particular, about my SUP experiences on the water. I have included a link here to the documentary, which she named Seabound Solitude. Enjoy! Jeremy- Seabound Solitude.mp4 (vimeo.com)


I used to play a lot of basketball, but oftentimes when I played, I would play for too long, and I would come home wrecked. My knees would hurt. My back would hurt. Even my stomach would hurt if I played for hours. I jammed my fingers, and sometimes had to wear a splint. I …

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The Mysterious Fin

It was another gorgeous morning. I paddled through what remained of the harbor feeling strong. The tide was rushing out, and it felt like I was paddling down a fast moving river. Underneath me, I could see kelp stalks bending under the powerful sway of the current. I was making record time out of the …

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Finding Flow

When I paddle, I am rarely thinking about past failures. While paddling, I am rarely considering the checklist of tasks I have to accomplish, or that brief I still have to write. I don’t think about the hurtful thing someone said to me, or the time I spoke too harshly to someone else. I don’t …

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